I am interested in human nature and how people behave within a society. To date, I have focussed on an element of society that I encounter regularly and find the strangest and therefore most interesting: corporate and institutional-style interiors. It is a part of society in which I am a willing participant but also one that I recognise as banal, absurd and lacking value.

I use painting and installation to represent man-made interior environments as a means of questioning what these spaces communicate about us as individuals and as a society. I chose spaces that are typically urban, communal and dull (offices, foyers, waiting rooms) and manipulate and exaggerate their features to become a bizarre version of their former selves. The use of indoor plants as a means of decoration and rejuvenation is commonplace in public spaces and corporate environments today. These plants that would normally grow naturally in an outdoor environment are brought into prosaic and impersonal interior spaces. Plants designed for indoor, low-light environments thrive in these spaces that can have the opposite effect on the people in the same surroundings.

The works are intended to have a notion of familiarity (for those of us who have encountered such spaces) while implying the absurdity of these worlds. This is used as a means of taking a look at the human nature that occurs within this environment and the way that these encounters can communicate notions of status, oblivious privilege, futility and choreographed human interaction.