Bring Home the Bacon at c3 Artspace

Bring Home the Bacon is about an element of society that I encounter regularly and find the strangest and also most interesting: corporate and institutional-style interiors. It is a part of society in which I am a willing participant, but also one that I recognise as absurd and lacking value. These paintings take a look at the catering excess that is often encountered in these situations. Inside this bubble, extravagance, excess and wastage is normal, yet outside it appears grotesque. The works may have a familiar feel to some of us who have encountered these scenarios and are designed to comment on notions of status, oblivious privilege, human behaviour and futility. 

I know I am not the first person to ask myself “how did I get here?”

At c3 Artspace 21 August - 15 September

Bring Home the Bacon c3.jpg